Top Twerk Songs 2018

Last week we took a peek at the growth of trap music and talked about how trap has started generating its own sub-genres but that week, we would like to take a bit more in-depth look at one subdivision of trap that's been blowing: twerk music. Twerk songs is based on a flavor of southern hip-hop called 'bounce' songs.

Bounce music's existed for two decades and is characterized by call-and-response chants, hypersexual lyrics and two specific drum loops: the "brown beat" and the "triggerman conquer" These beats ( like the "amen" split in DnB) provide a foundation for the "dip" sound with inherent bouncy grooves at mid-range dancing tempos; a perfect combination of hip and dance music. At one point Diplo also made a trip down to do a little more digging to the:

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